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Are fundraisers on CrowdKash genuine?

CrowdKash is India’s First Social Change Network that aims to empower the social change makers to bring about a genuine change on the society. CrowdKash follows a strict process to give the verified fundraiser badge to the genuine campaigns.

CrowdKash empowers the underprivileged to raise funds for their medical bills, and has assisted over 1000 campaigners with their fundraisers.

Are the fundraisers on CrowdKash genuine?

CrowdKash team takes the authenticity of the fundraisers very seriously. The campaigners are required to post relevant documents to ensure that their cause is genuine. A fundraiser on CrowdKash gets the ‘This verified fundraiser is in urgent need of funds’ badge only if all the genuine documents are submitted.

What process is followed on CrowdKash to ensure that the campaigner is genuine?

CrowdKash has a very strict KYC policy for both individuals and NGO.

For individuals: PAN, Aadhar and bank account details are needed.

For NGOs: Trust deed, 80G, 12A, PAN, Bank account details, FCRA (if applicable) are needed for the account to be registered.

How can my fundraiser on CrowdKash have the verified fundraiser badge?

A fundraiser on CrowdKash will only get the verified badge if it meets the following criteria:

1. Relevant genuine medical documents attached.
2. Relevant pictures of the patients attached.
3. Genuine usage of funds described in a lucid manner.

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