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CrowdKash Medical Fundraisers: Bringing Hope To The Underprivileged

Medical bills can hit an underprivileged family hard and push them away into deep poverty. CrowdKash Medical Fundraisers have been a source of hope for families who don’t have financial support.

CrowdKash Success – 14 yr old Mosina’s Arm Restored

Meet Mosina, a 14 year old happy kid from Chennai, who loves to play with her cousins. Mosina does the daily household chores and helps her mother, one fateful day Mosina went up to the terrace to dry her clothes. She never knew what life had in store for her.

Severely Electrocuted 14 year old Mosina

Unfortunately, Mosina didn’t see the live electricity wire, and her arm came in contact with the wire while drying the clothes, thereby getting severely electrocuted in the process.

Latifa, Mosina’s mother, didn’t know what to do when she saw her daughter cry with immense pain. Latifa, a single mother, had fought with life all alone and dreamt of giving a secured future for her daughter. The dream seemed to have shattered after what happened with Mosina. After spending their entire savings, Latifa didn’t have any possible mean to save her daughter’s arm.

CrowdKash’s team got to know about the horrific accident through a twitter post, and reached out to the family, helped them setup a CrowdKash fundraiser. The CrowdKash fundraiser had 736 backers and could raise Rs 261945 within 2 days, thereby giving a sigh of relief for Latifa.

Mosina has now undergone surgery and doing well, she thanks the CrowdKash community who has come forward and helped during the most difficult phase of her life.

Mosina’s dreams of being a change maker and help people in her life the way she was helped. Her family is optimistic, and dreams of a future that is secure, safe and positive for them. This wouldn’t have been possible without the support of the CrowdKash community!

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