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Why are some Fundraisers & Petitions not accepted on CrowdKash?

We have a robust working policy which requires that we do not accept some campaigns or petitions due to compliance issues. CrowdKash is committed to follow the data policy & guidelines of all Government agencies in accordance with law of the land, DOT, RBI and our third party partners. We do not accept the following campaigns:-

  • Equity crowdfunding – Raising funds promising equity or shares in the company.
  • Fundraising to provide higher returns on the sum contributed.
  • Fundraising to use the money for investment in real estate, stocks, etc.
  • Litigation crowdfunding – Fundraising to pay legal fees to fight court cases.
  • Crowdfunding to take funds into a non-Indian bank accounts.
  • Campaigns of an NGO that hasn’t been verified and onboarded on CrowdKash.
  • Any campaign or petition which may at our discretion perceived to create law and order problems.
  • Any campaigns or petitions not approved due to third party complainces.
  • Incase we are not able to reach you for an on-call verification.

Your fundraiser or petition may also be not be accepted or rejected at any stage for the following reasons:

  • No justification provided for the specified goal amount i.e. no information or clarity regarding how the funds will be utilized.
  • Duplicate fundraiser or petition – A fundraiser or a petition mistakenly created when another by the same person and for the same purpose already has been accepted.
  • Consent not provided by the beneficiary or a petitioner i.e. raising funds or starting a petition in one’s name without their permission.
  • False information provided or misrepresentation of details in the fundraiser or petition.
  • Required authentication documents not provided or misrepresentation of identity by the campaigner.
  • Transactional fraud eg. credit card fraud
  • Use of hate speech or words inciting violence.
  • Use of graphic, violent, disturbing images (as per CrowdKash’s Content team’s discretion)
  • Use of copyrighted content without permission of the creator.
  • Use of forged medical or other documents.
  • Content copied from another fundraiser or petition.
  • Fundraising for a deceased patient or one whose bills have already been paid for.
  • Inactive fundraiser i.e. no funds raised post 15 days of creation or no donation for 15 days from date of the last donation.
  • Fundraiser which has already raised on CrowdKash in the past 180 days (as per CrowdKash’s compliance & legal team’s discretion).
  • Fundraiser or a Petition with the intent to create disharmony in the society (as per CrowdKash’s compliance & legal team’s discretion).
  • Campaigns or Petitions with incomplete information.

Manual Review

Incase you feel your campaign or petition has been wrongly blocked and needs to be reviewed, please email on [email protected] including full details of the campaign or petition with Review in the subject line.

Campaign/Petition Disclaimer

The pitch, information and the opinions, expressed in this campaign & petitions pages are those of the campaigner or petitioners, users or beneficiaries, and not CrowdKash. If such claims are found to be not true, CrowdKash, in its sole discretion, has the right to stop the campaign, and refund the contributions to respective contributors.

CrowdKash Disclaimer

Please note that contributing through CrowdKash will not always be a tax exempt charitable donation. CrowdKash does not guarantee that your Fundraisers will be fully or partially funded nor does it guarantee that the petitions will achieve all their goals. CrowdKash is an internet platform to connect individuals, non-profits and contributors to collaborate on the published campaigns & petitions. CrowdKash does not take any responsibility for any promises made by campaign owners, petitioners, community members & creators on its platform. Please read the Terms of Use & Privacy Policy prior performing any transactions on our platform.

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