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Now you can claim Tax Exemptions On CrowdKash Fundraisers!

Will I get an 80G Tax Exemption certificate?

Yes, CrowdKash will provide you the 80G tax exemption certificate if you share your PAN details. The 80G tax exemption certificate is issued only on those campaign where it is clearly written that 80G benefits are available. The 80G tax exemption certificate will only be issued to Indian citizens.

How do I claim Tax Benefits on my contribution?

One can claim the tax exemption by following the steps given below:

  • Check for the ‘Tax Benefits’ badge on the fundraiser.
  • Enter the amount you wish to contribute to the cause.
  • After entering your details, select ‘Yes, I wish to claim Tax Exemption on my Contribution!’
  • Now, enter your address and PAN card number.
  • Complete your transaction and check for the 80G tax certificate in your inbox.

How do NGOs activate 80G Tax Exemption Receipts on their campaigns?

  • The NGOs need to update their full profile on their Dashboard.
  • After full update, write an email to [email protected] requesting activation of Automated Tax Exemption Receipts.
  • Once activated, you will see a Tax Exemption Banner on the activated Campaign.

CrowdKash now rewards you for your generosity!

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