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What is CrowdKash? How does it work?

CrowdKash is a community crowdfunding platform, that can be used to bring about a social change, save a life, preserve culture, and invent new applications that will change people’s lives.

  1. Application Of The Platform
  2. Getting Started
  3. Improve Trust Factor Of Campaign

Application Of The Platform

  • CrowdKash is a community crowdfunding platform, on which you can fund your cause by showcasing it to a large audience.
  • The probability of getting funded for a cause that appeals or touches the lives of people is more on CrowdKash.

Getting Started

  • Have a cause that connects with a large audience or changes the lives of many people.
  • Log onto the CrowdKash website and register your campaign.
  • The campaign manager would then get in touch with you and guide you through the process.

Improve Trust Factor Of Campaign

  • Have proper documents like : Hospital bills, letter from the doctor in place.
  • These documents make the campaign trustworthy and helps people to support for your cause.

In a gist, CrowdKash can be the solution to your problems of not having enough funds for a serious medical emergency.

You can also use CrowdKash for a social cause and help underprivileged children get a respectable life.

Underprivileged kids seeking help

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