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Start a fundraiser on CrowdKash under 2 mins

Fundraiser Info

Title: Write an apt headline for your campaign.

Short Description: Describe your campaign in a line or two.

Beneficiary: Name of the person for whom the funds are being raised.

Fundraiser Story

Campaign Description: Mention in detail about why you are raising funds. Upload all relevant documents in the description box.

Feature Image:
Add a relevant feature image which will be the thumbnail of the campaign.

Add Video:
Add YouTube links of the video relevant to the campaign, if avaialble.

Fundraiser Goal

Mention the total amount needed to fund your campaign. In the amount prefiled section, add standard amounts which you would like the backers to contribute.

Mention city and duration of yur campaign. Enter an end campaign date.

Press the submit campaign button and your campaign is live (under review).

Click here to start a fundraiser under 2 mins now!

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